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Women's Tefilah

Beth David Synagogue prioritizes full engagement of women in ritual, study and leadership opportunities, to the extent permitted by Jewish law.

Beth David’s robust, multi-generational Tefilah b’Yachad (“praying together”) initiative is designed to create an inclusive and empowering prayer space with opportunities for women to lead prayer services, Torah and megillah readings.  Tefilah b’Yachad is not structured to be a mirror image or reflection of standard “tefilah b’tzibbur”; rather, to provide women with opportunities to lead, read and sing liturgy and sacred text with pride and halachic confidence in a spiritually safe space.  Click HERE for full guidelines for Tefilah b’Yachad.

In addition, to strengthen tefilah  skills and deepen the prayer experience,  Tefilah  b’Yachad hosts in-person, supportive  meetings  where participants set goals around prayer practice (for future leading or participation) and are provided space and resources to work toward them.

Finally, on Shabbat morning in the main sanctuary, women lead prayers for the Israel Defense Forces and the U.S. government and carry the Torah through the women’s section.  On Sukkot, parallel men’s and women’s Hoshanot occur in the main sanctuary.

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