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IRF Condemns Terrorist Incidents in Sri Linka Targeting Christians

The International Rabbinic Fellowship expresses its horror and outrage at the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka targeting Christian worshipers in churches and hotels celebrating Easter, the holiest day in their calendar. These barbarous acts claimed the lives of more than 300 people, all created in the image of God, whom we mourn and cherish. These attacks, which the Sri Lankan government has attributed to a local radical Islamist group that advocates violently for its views, confront us again with the evil consequences of ideologies of hate and dehumanization and disrespect for the other and his or her beliefs.

We extend our comfort and solidarity to the Christian community in Sri Lanka and the world over. We offer our prayers for the recovery of the hundreds of injured and wounded and for healing and comfort to all the families of the bereaved.

Passover Schedule 2019

Passover Schedule 5779
April 18 (Thursday) -
Search for chometz after 8:00pm 

April 19 (Friday / Erev Yom Tov) -     
Service for First Borns   6:30am
Finish eating chometz by   10:35am
Burn chometz by   11:43am
Candle lighting 7:18pm
PM Tefilot     6:00pm
First Seder, begin after 7:52pm                                                             

April 20 (Shabbat / Yom Tov I) - 
Morning Services   9:30am
Minchah / Maariv   6:00pm
Candle lighting   8:00pm
Second Seder

April 21 (Sunday / Yom Tov II)
Morning Tefilot    9:30am 
Minchah   7:30pm
Havdallah  8:13pm      

April 25 (Thursday / Erev Yom Tov) 
Minchah/Maariv   6:00pm
Candles   7:24pm  

April 26  (Friday / Yom Tov VII)
Beit Medrash   9:00am
Morning Services   9:30am
Minchah/Maariv   6:00pm
Candle lighting   7:25pm

April 27 (Shabbat / Yom Tov VIII)   
Beit Medrash   9:00am
Morning services   9:30am
Reading of Shir HaShirim 6:45pm
Minchah   7:30pm
Havdallah   8:25pm 

NOTE - Chometz may be purchased immediately after Pesach from all food sources certified kosher by the Hartford Kashrut Commission.

New Way to Make a Minyan

We've got a 21st century way to insure we make a minyan each day: Download Whatsapp (free) from the App store or Google Playstore. You can also click here to get the Mac or PC desktop version.

Then, locate the Beth David Chat group to join the Beth David minyan group. You'll receive daily minyan notifications. Text back "YES" if you can attend, do nothing if you can't. By counting the number of YES responses, we'll know how many people left to recruit.

Even if you occasionally or rarely attend minyan, you will know when your presence might be especially helpful and you might make a special effort to attend.

Thanks to Peter Lang for sharing this idea from his previous congregation in Mexico City! Thank you in advance from the Ritual Committee and from your friends at Beth David who are saying Kaddish for a death or yahrzeit. We are counting on you!

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Members come from all over the world and from diverse Jewish traditions to form a friendly, committed and engaged congregation.  We are proud to be part of a thriving and energetic Jewish community in a remarkable town astride the Red Sox/Yankees divide (our Rabbi, a Braves fan, is above that fray), convenient to Boston and New York, home to renowned research, education and medical facilities, with urban amenities and rural tranquility all within easy reach.

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In the meantime, we welcome you to take a look at this film clip to get another glimpse into what we are all about here at Beth David.  The Making of BDS Welcome Video.

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Interview with Rabbi Adler

West Hartford Community Television:  View "Journeys with Jeff"  interview with Rabbi Adler at Beth David Synagogue.

Wed, April 24 2019 19 Nisan 5779