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Strategic Planning

Beth David Synagogue will celebrate the 80th anniversary of its founding in the coming year. Talmud teaches us that our 80th year of life is the age of strength.

We know that at 80 years old one’s strength doesn’t come from being in one’s physical prime. In the Beth David community, our strength comes from the experiences and legacy of the generations who started this kehilla, from the dedication and generosity of its members and from the wisdom and fortitude of its spiritual leaders. Our strength comes from the blessings that we are to each other, to the wider Jewish community and to the world. Especially, our strength comes from the meaningful Judaism that we create for one another.

Looking ahead to the next 80 years, Rabbi Adler and the Board of Directors identified, applied for and received a capacity-building grant through the Jewish Community Foundation. The Board of Directors voted to match that grant and appointed a Strategic Planning Committee to engage a consultant and to begin the process of developing a strategic plan to guide our decision making into the next decade.

We know that the environment in which American Judaism operates is not at all like it was 80 years ago; we have changed and must continue to change as a Jewish community. It is imperative that we do so thoughtfully, with purpose, and with the participation of as many members as possible. Each member has a story to tell of what Beth David and traditional and Modern Orthodox Judaism means to them and their families.

The Committee is enthusiastic, invigorated and confident that as we enter our 80th year we will, indeed, go from strength to strength. As communications and documents are disseminated and approved, they will be available for viewing below (logged in members only).

Made possible by the generous capacity-building grant through the Jewish Community Foundation (

Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyyar 5784