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... to recognize members of Beth David and our community

The Membership Committee has begun a new tradition of the “member spotlight” where we will announce and learn all the many interesting and fun things about our congregants. 

February 2019:

This Month: Laurie Feldman & Steve Gilles

Laurie Feldman and Steve Gilles:  Laurie and Steve are new members of Beth David. They met at the University of Chicago Law School. Now Laurie works as an appellate prosecutor for the state of CT and studies Talmud with Rabbi Adler (for the past 11 years!). When she is not busy on her cases, Laurie likes to learn and speak Hebrew, keep in touch with her 6 children who live both domestically and internationally, and take an oil painting class in town.

January 2019: Barbara & Jonathan Becker

Barbara and Jonathan Becker:  Barbara and Jonathan have been members of Beth David for over 25 years. Their three children grew up in the shul. They took a two-year stint as co-presidents of the shul in the early 2000's and stayed married! Since then they have remained active in synagogue events serving on committees and being regulars at services. Their kids, Eli, Naomi and Uri are active in their respective Jewish communities. Eli and his wife Sara, live with their two cuties Hillel and Aryeh in Ma'ale Adumim, Israel. Naomi and her husband Noah live in the Boston area and Uri lives in Jerusalem. Barbara and Jonathan look forward to Israel trips and Boston trips and spending time with friends and family wherever they are. They are grateful for all of their blessings.

December 2018: Mark & Elayna Kaye

Mark and Elayna Kaye: Mark is from South Africa and has lived all over the world. Elayna is a bit more local, having grown up in West Hartford and been a member of Beth David all of her life. They have 3 kids: Jonah, Julian, and Miriam, who was born just a few months ago. Jonah and Julian love to play soccer outside. These days, Miriam is mostly busy sleeping. As a family, the Kayes enjoy exploring children's museums, playing arcade games, watching cooking shows, and having Shabbat dinner with Savta Robyn and Zaidy Harry (Weller).

November 2018: Larry & Leah Berson

Larry and Leah Berson are both from Long Island and met in college at Binghamton University. Larry works as an orthopedic surgeon and Leah is a full-time volunteer at Solomon Schechter, where she runs the school lunch program and many other yearly events. They have lived in West Hartford for the past 19 years and have four boys, Jared, Matthew, Spencer, and Harris. They can be spotted driving around town in their mini van, with the hard-to-miss license plate "OHBOYZ". They enjoy traveling as a family, and can usually be found on Cape Cod, at the Atlantis, or in Israel. When they are not traveling for leisure, they are traveling to support their favorite sports teams. Recent adventures include the World Series, the Rose Bowl, the Final Four, and the World Cup.

Tue, February 19 2019 14 Adar I 5779