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High Holiday Tunes & Machzor Pages

 Use these links to learn Cantor Shtatman's melodies for the Chagim so you can add your voice to the celebration.

U'netane Tokef (Birnbaum p. 361, Koren p. 565)


Ochila La'el (Birnbaum p. 379 bottom, Koren p. 601)


Chamol (Birnbaum p. 365, Koren p. 579)


U'chen Zadikim (Birnbaum p. 371 bottom, Koren p. 587)


Hayom Harat Olam (Birnbaum p. 383 bottom, Koren p.607)


Areshet Sefatainu (Birnbaum p. 385 top, Koren p. 607)


Va'havi'otim (Birnbaum P. 407, Koren Yom Kippur p. 945)


Va'hashem Zva'ot (Birnbaum p. 391 bottom)


High Holiday YouTube Links

Visit YouTube for Umipnei chata'aynu (Birnbaum p. 375) & a lively version of Etz Chaim (Birnbaum p. 293)

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