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Classes are off in the summer and will resume after Labor Day.

Jewish tradition teaches that the study of Torah is a mitzvahmitzvah:commandment of unparalleled importance. Indeed, most parents do everything within their power to provide the best possible education for their children. At Beth David, it is considered an integral part of the mission of the congregation to provide opportunities for continuing education.

Beth David is proud of Rabbi Adler for many reasons; not the least of those is his ability as teacher and educator. Rabbi Adler is respected across the spectrum of the greater Hartford Jewish community for his pedagogical skills and talents.

Some classes take place at the synagogue, some daily and some weekly. Other study occurs away from the Beth David campus, in homes and centers around town. Adult education is offered on a variety of levels, from elementary Hebrew reading to advanced Talmud. Not every class is for everybody, but there is something for everyone.

The Weekly Parsha, Wednesdays @ 12:00-1:00pm

This class is a "lunch-n-learn", and no previous text study is required. This group convenes at Beth David. 

Talmud Sanhedrin, Thursdays @ 12:00-1:00pm
This class studies a passage from the Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin addresses matters pertaining to the Jewish legal system. The group is hosted by Mr. Harry Weller and meets at the Rocky Hill offices of the Connecticut States Attorney, 300 Corporate Place.

T-B-S (Tefilah-Breakfast-Study)

Sunday mornings, teens are invited to join Rabbi Adler at Morning Tefilot and then stay at Beth David for an hour for breakfast (including Dunkin Donuts) and Torah Study.