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Rabbi Yitzchok Adler

Rabbi Yitzchok Adler has been the spiritual leader of Beth David Synagogue since 1995. He and his wife Leslie came to West Hartford from Jacksonville, Florida, where he served as the Orthodox rabbi for eleven years.

Beth David brought Rabbi Adler to West Hartford to assume the spiritual leadership of the congregation upon the retirement of Rabbi William Cohen. During the time that he has been with the congregation, Rabbi Adler has created innovative programming that has helped attract new families.

Rabbi Adler has served on the Executive Board of the Rabbinical Council of America; he is also a founding member of the International Rabbinic Fellowship, and has held a leadership office in that organization as well. The Rabbi serves our community as its mohel and he also is involved in community education. He is a founding board member of the Hebrew High School of New England, and he serves on the faculty of Yachad. Rabbi Adler is the rabbinic administrator of the Hartford Kashrut Commission, the authority of kashrut policy for the entire region. The Rabbi’s favorite baseball team is the Atlanta Braves and he is avidly follows UConn basketball.